Third Party Quality Assurance Construction Services

You can’t inspect more than 1,000 buildings, as Criterium-Williams Engineers has done, without learning something, and after several years in the consulting engineering business, we have learned a lot.  Our vast, in-depth knowledge of how building systems and assemblies work individually and collectively improves building performance and enhances your bottom line by reducing risks, warranty claims and call-backs. Our experience and expertise adds value to your project. Our understanding of what makes building systems succeed or fail, form the foundation for the independent, third-party quality assurance consulting services we provide for clients who are constructing new buildings, repairing or renovating existing ones.

Quality Assurance Inspections

Criterium-Williams Engineers is a leading provider of 3rd Party Quality Assurance Construction Services with experience on a wide variety of projects across the country. We draw on this vast experience and our own understanding of local conditions to successfully evaluate building systems and components. Quality assurance programs are designed to improve building performance and enhance your bottom line by reducing risks, warranty claims and call-backs.

Our quality assurance inspection program is tailor fit to your needs. We can evaluate multiple building systems (eg. roof, façade, framing, MEP) or just focus on one specific area. Similarly, our involvement could be weekly or on an on-call basis.

Plan & Cost Review

A Plan & Cost Review provides lenders, investors, and owners with the confidence needed to approve large construction projects. Criterium-Williams Engineers will review the project drawings and specifications for general completeness and compliance with applicable standards and practices. We will review construction documents (eg. owner/contractor agreement, environmental studies, site surveys, building permits) and identify potential issues or concerns. The last step is performing a cost review to determine if projects budgets are in line with our expectations and if the estimated costs are adequate to cover the scope of work. When performing our review, we evaluate the available documents in light of other buildings of similar type, application, and location.

Draw/Progress Inspection

Criterium-Williams Engineers provides construction draw request reviews for lenders, investors, and owners designed to meet regulatory compliance needs and minimize project risk. A licensed Professional Engineer will visit the site and document construction progress against the contractor’s draw request. We provide a recommendation for the approval or disapproval of the contractor’s draw request and produce a report with observations and photos.

The report format can be tailored to meet our client’s specific needs. This type of inspection may be performed on a periodic schedule (eg. monthly) or an on-call basis.