Energy and Sustainability

Building owners, investors, and managers are increasingly aware of and concerned about energy consumption, green building technology, and sustainability. Criterium-Williams Engineers stands ready to assist with services to promote and facilitate these important operating procedures.

Some of the energy & sustainability services we offer include:


Energy Star Rating
Energy Star ratings have been created by the U.S. Department of Energy to promote energy efficiency in products and buildings. To receive an Energy Star rating, a building must be in the top 25th percentile when benchmarked against similar buildings. A licensed, Professional Engineer is required to certify a building’s operation against the referenced benchmark.

Energy Tax Credits
Section 179(d) of the tax code and other local and state codes sometimes allow property owners to take a tax credit for equipment that is installed to reduce energy consumption.  Criterium-Williams Engineers can provide design and analytical services in support of these tax credits.

Energy Audits
An energy audit is designed to analyze the major sources of energy consumption within a building and develop alternative strategies to reduce that consumption. Criterium-Williams Engineers offers a preliminary analysis as an option with our Property Condition Assessments or a complete energy audit per ASHRAE guidelines as a stand-alone service.

Retro HVAC Commissioning
HVAC design is very dependent upon usage and age of a building therefore occasionally when buildings are re-purposed, or have had some HVAC modifications and add-ons, the system doesn’t operate as efficiently as possible. Retro-commissioning evaluates the current use and equipment location and controls to test the heating/cooling system to insure older systems are indeed still operating to their expected capacity and providing the occupants with a comfortable environment. Many of these small operations and controls improvements cost very little but can make a significant difference in operating costs and occupant comfort.

Property Assessed Clean Energy
Passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013, the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Act created an innovative financing tool that allows owners of commercial, industrial, nonprofit, and large multi-family residential properties access to low-cost, long-term loans to conduct energy efficiency and water conservation improvements to real property. PACE solves a number of specific issues unique to the commercial real estate market that have historically stymied investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements. Criterium-Williams is ready to assist in the initial project feasibility phase, submittal phase, or act as the Independent Third Party Reviewer (ITPR) necessary to qualify for this unique financing tool.

Utility Rebate Assistance
All state public utilities and most municipally owned utilities have energy efficiency rebate programs in place for both new construction and retrofits of existing commercial buildings. These programs typically allow different methodologies to quantify energy savings when applying for a rebate. We can assist you in the application and energy savings documentation process to help quantify all energy savings from your project thereby qualifying your project for the greatest rebate allowable.