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Floor Plan Drawings

An accurate dimensioned floor plan can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to home renovations, contesting taxable value, or selling your home.

A 2018 Zillow Group Report on Consumer Housing Trends indicated that viewing a floor plan was one of the most important Buying Activities for Home Decision. Specifically, viewing a floor plan was ranked as “extremely or very important” by 58% of homebuyers and at least “somewhat important” by 26% of homebuyers.

Home buying activities were ranked as “extremely or very important” by the following percentage of homebuyers:

  • Taking a private tour – 79% of homebuyers
  • Access to an inspection / pre-inspection report – 73% of homebuyers
  • Access to comprehensive data and history – 59% of homebuyers
  • Viewing a floor plan – 58% of homebuyers
  • Agent’s or broker’s evaluation – 47% of homebuyers
  • Viewing professional pictures – 46% of homebuyers
  • Having the home empty/free of seller’s belongings – 45% of homebuyers
  • Attending an open house – 43% of homebuyers
  • Taking a live virtual tour – 35% of homebuyers
  • Watching a recorded video tour – 35% of homebuyers
  • Viewing other media of the home – 29% of homebuyers
  • Having the home be staged – 28% of homebuyers

Criterium-Williams Engineers has created hundreds of floor plans for area homes and can quickly create an accurate high resolution floor plan of your custom home in JPEG or PDF format. We can also create custom 3D renderings of the interior and/or exterior of the home.

2-D Floor Plan 3-D Floor Plan


3-D Elevation Drawing