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Retro-commissioning is the process of commissioning an existing building and often involves:

  • Gathering of available documentation
  • Developing current Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR)
  • Developing a commissioning plan and schedule
  • Testing systems for current performance
  • Performing maintenance upgrades
  • Assembling O&M manuals and archiving other documentation.

A 2009 study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found the following benefits of retro-commissioning within a sample size of 561 buildings:

  • 16% Median Whole-Building Energy Savings
  • Median Cost Savings of $0.29/sq. ft. – yr (based on Median Retro-Commissioning Cost of $0.30/sq. ft.)
  • 4.5 Benefit to Cost Ratio
  • Cost of Conserved Carbon of -$110/tonne
  • Improved Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality are next most cited reasons for Retro-Commissioning after Energy Savings

As licensed Professional Engineers certified in building commissioning, we are uniquely qualified to help you get the most out of your existing building systems while enhancing occupant indoor environmental quality.