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Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling is the process of modeling the energy usage and interaction between a building’s architectural, mechanical and electrical systems.  Complex Energy Modeling software can predict estimated hourly energy usage using a local weather profile and defined usage schedules.

Energy Modeling is necessary to document predicted energy savings of a design building over a defined reference building in the following scenarios:

  • Compliance with LEED Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite 2 and Calculation of Points Earned under LEED Energy and Atmosphere Credit 1
  • Calculation of Utility Rebates
  • Calculation of EPAct 179d Tax Deduction
  • Preparation of an ASHRAE Level Three (Investment Grade) Energy Audit
  • Compliance with IPMVP Option D “Calibrated Simulation”  when Conducting a Measurement and Verification Study


Our team of licensed Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers (CEMs) can create the necessary energy models and engineering reports required to meets your specific project needs.