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Design/Construction Firm Services

We understand that as a design or construction firm, amongst your primary concerns is delivering a functional system that serves your client’s needs while minimizing call backs.  Our new construction commissioning services are designed to verify system operation and discover potential issues before they become larger problems after the building is turned over.  We value a team approach to validating building system functions.

IECC 2015 Commissioning


As a design or construction firm, chances are you have had that problem job that eats up all your time and seems impossible to get off of.  These jobs are a drain on company resources and prevent you from taking on new projects.  As an independent diagnostics firm, we can provide a level of objectivity often not possible within the construction team while working full time to document and quantify the building performance issues that are keeping you on the job.  We look for the root of the problem so that a permanent effective solution can be established.

Thermal Imaging
Energy Modeling
Data Logging


Incentive Studies
As an architect or engineering firm, you are entitled to the EPAct 179d Tax Deduction for qualifying energy efficient public projects (eg. schools, government, military, etc.) that you have designed.  This tax deduction can be quite significant (up to $1.80 per sq ft for each project) and can typically be claimed for projects up to three years old.   We can help you determine which projects have qualified and provide the independent engineering analysis necessary to document compliance to the IRS.

EPAct 179d

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